Nightclub Security Doorman

Title Nightclub Security Doorman
Categories Security
Salary TBD
Start Date 2016-12-01
Location Las Cruces, NM
Job Information
Nightclub Security Doorman
Positioned at all doors wearing a distinctive uniform.
Is well-trained for the post and knows every regulation.
Must maintain control of access and club entry lines.
ID verification for legal age prior to admission.
Verify prior to entry that the person is not obviously intoxicated.
Verify that the person is not carrying a weapon or contraband.
Optional metal detector or pat-down or bag search.
Enforce dress code and refuse objectionable attire.
Refuses admission to known troublemakers.
Direct communication with bouncers and management.
Access and egress control and fire safety duties.
Calls the police to report criminal acts, as required.
Nightclub Security Bouncer Duties
Work primarily inside of a nightclub.
Patrols parking lot sometimes.
Wear a distinctive uniform and is highly visible.
Positioned in a room with unobstructed view.
Have adequate staff ([1:50] ratio), if necessary.
Monitor patron behavior and level of intoxication.
Enforce club rules often with early warnings.
Removes obnoxious and offensive subjects.
Always professional when asking patrons to leave.
Maintain a list of banned persons who like to fight.
Use force only in self defense or detention for police.
Calls the police to enforce criminal acts, as required.
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