Title Bartender
Categories Bartender
Salary TBD
Start Date 2016-12-01
Location Las Cruces, NM
Job Information

Bartender Job Profile and Description

It is said that a well and organized bar is speaks volumes of The Bartender.

Duties and Responsibilities

Selling of alcoholic drinks to customers.
Serving customers.
Checking the customer’s identification to confirm that the customer is of drinking age.
Taking payments from the customers.
Keep the bar well stocked by maintaining the liquor, garnishes and glasses at the bar.
Refuse to serve customers that have had too much to drink.
Call taxi cabs for those that are inebriated.
Keeping records of tabs so in the end they can know how much a customer has had and what is to be paid.
Pour drinks quickly and as per the customer’s specifications.
Keep the bar clean.
The Bartender;

– Should be able to mix all the different drinks correctly,

– Should be very warm and friendly to encourage the customer to drink more

-Should be able to multitask and handle all the equipment especially in a bar that uses modern technology.

Education and Qualifications

To hold a bartender job, education and qualifications required for acceptance are not necessary, because on-the job training is offered for new recruits. You are also required to have a bartender’s license and the state health certificate.

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