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Title Bar Back
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Start Date 2016-12-01
Location Las Cruces, NM
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Be a Boots And Bourbon, Las Cruces New Mexico Bar Back
Barbacks are a little misunderstood. Many people don’t really understand what constitutes a barback job or what a bar backer really does. Typically called a runner or bar runner in Europe, it’s probably one of the most important positions in a bar. For without a competent bar back the bartenders will run out of stock and glassware and have to leave the bar area to go and get new bottles of liquor and change beer kegs. Barbacks, a.k.a. barbackers, bar backers or bar backs, are the people responsible for backing up the bartender(s).
Description of the exciting position of Bar Back;

Ensure there is always enough back up liquor
Run to the storage area to get alcohol if any bartender runs out
Change kegs when required
Pick up empty glasses and bottles from the tables and outside the bar (called bussing)
Wipe down tables and bar tops
Re-stock garnishes and mixes
Always ensure there is enough clean glassware
Re-stock ice when needed
Maintain clean rags in each bartender’s station
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