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Title Nightclub Security Doorman
Categories Security
Salary TBD
Start Date 2016-12-01
Location Las Cruces, NM
Job Information
Nightclub Security Doorman
Positioned at all doors wearing a distinctive uniform.
Is well-trained for the post and knows every regulation.
Must maintain control of access and club entry lines.
ID verification for legal age prior to admission.
Verify prior to entry that the person is not obviously intoxicated.
Verify that the person is not carrying a weapon or contraband.
Optional metal detector or pat-down or bag search.
Enforce dress code and refuse objectionable attire.
Refuses admission to known troublemakers.
Direct communication with bouncers and management.
Access and egress control and fire safety duties.
Calls the police to report criminal acts, as required.
Nightclub Security Bouncer Duties
Work primarily inside of a nightclub.
Patrols parking lot sometimes.
Wear a distinctive uniform and is highly visible.
Positioned in a room with unobstructed view.
Have adequate staff ([1:50] ratio), if necessary.
Monitor patron behavior and level of intoxication.
Enforce club rules often with early warnings.
Removes obnoxious and offensive subjects.
Always professional when asking patrons to leave.
Maintain a list of banned persons who like to fight.
Use force only in self defense or detention for police.
Calls the police to enforce criminal acts, as required.
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Title Club DJ – All Formats
Categories DJ and Sound
Salary TBD
Start Date 2016-12-01
Location Las Cruces, NM
Job Information

Club DJ – All Formats

Boots & Bourbon Las Cruces is seeking DJs for the following music genres;

  • Top40/Dance
  • Latin
  • Country

Must be familiar with DJ equipment and lighting consoles as used in a nightclub setup, be well versed with beat mixing and have a diverse knowledge of selections from your specialized genre of music.

The DJs selected may be required to follow some music style selections throughout their shift as required by Management.


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Title Bar Back
Categories Bar Back
Salary TBD
Start Date 2016-12-01
Location Las Cruces, NM
Job Information
Be a Boots And Bourbon, Las Cruces New Mexico Bar Back
Barbacks are a little misunderstood. Many people don’t really understand what constitutes a barback job or what a bar backer really does. Typically called a runner or bar runner in Europe, it’s probably one of the most important positions in a bar. For without a competent bar back the bartenders will run out of stock and glassware and have to leave the bar area to go and get new bottles of liquor and change beer kegs. Barbacks, a.k.a. barbackers, bar backers or bar backs, are the people responsible for backing up the bartender(s).
Description of the exciting position of Bar Back;

Ensure there is always enough back up liquor
Run to the storage area to get alcohol if any bartender runs out
Change kegs when required
Pick up empty glasses and bottles from the tables and outside the bar (called bussing)
Wipe down tables and bar tops
Re-stock garnishes and mixes
Always ensure there is enough clean glassware
Re-stock ice when needed
Maintain clean rags in each bartender’s station
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Title Shots, Beer Tub & Cocktail
Categories Shots, Beer Tub & Cocktail
Salary TBD
Start Date 2016-12-01
Location Las Cruces, NM
Job Information

Shots/ Beer Tub or Cocktail Job Profile and Description

A shots/ beer tub involves submitting and presenting guest beverage selections.
Cocktail server job duties require style and service attributes that are key to creating the guest experience.

Duties and Responsibilities

Provide excellent guest service in an efficient manner.
Accurately record and enter beverage items.
Knowledge of all beverage menus, brand selections, prices and garnishes.
Knowledge of general guest information.
Maximize sales by using menu knowledge and suggestive selling techniques.
Conduct self in a professional manner with the awareness that all actions and communications are within guest view.
Maintain cleanliness of lounge and service areas and ensure work area is orderly and properly stocked.
Complete assigned duties within each shift.
Responsible for collecting accurate payment from the guest and depositing the exact amount of sales.
Ensure a reasonable effort is made in preventing a guest from being intoxicated.
Maintain appearance and uniform standards.
Develop and maintain positive communication and teamwork with all co-workers and supervisors.
Handle all guest service issues in an immediate and professional manner.
Skills and Specifications

A cocktail server job skills required to work efficiently in this field include:

Lifting, balancing, and carrying cocktail trays.
Ability to organize and prioritize under pressure while maintaining a calm and pleasant demeanor.
Ability to communicate effectively with guests, co-workers, and supervisors.

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Title Assistant Manager
Categories Management
Salary TBD
Start Date 2016-12-01
Location Las Cruces, NM
Job Information

Assistant Manager/ Marketing Director Job Profile and Description

An assistant manager is responsible for all the tasks delegated to a manager when a manager is not around the workplace. An assistant manager is more like a support to a manager in accomplishing tasks delegated to the manager in a department. Some job applicants may think that an assistant manager is an easy work but the real fact is; an assistant manager has more responsibilities rather than a manager. Most of the time, a manager has two or more assistant managers in which a manager assigns certain tasks in order to make the workload of a manager much more easier. An assistant manager is a higher position than a supervisor or a team leader depending on the organizational structure of a company.

Duties and Responsibilities

An assistant manager is responsible for the tasks delegated by the manager. Since a manager has a lot of work especially in managing the workplace, the help of an assistant manager is needed. The manager assigns certain tasks to an assistant manager in order for the task to be much lighter for the manager.
An assistant manager serves as the manager whenever the real manager is not available. Most of the time, an assistant manager takes calls for the manager whenever the manager is not around. This job position is also responsible for taking charge of the workplace while the manager is absent or in a leave.
An assistant manager is responsible for communicating with the manager. It is the responsibility of an assistant manager to report details of the workplace. An assistant manager must keep the manager updated all the time especially when the manager is not around the office.
An assistant manager serves as the major supervisor of the workplace. Since the manager is most of the time busy with their own tasks, the assistant manager serves as the overseer of the workplace in order to maintain the smooth operations of the office. It is also the role of an assistant manager to delegate tasks to employees under their command and when the manager is not present in order to continue the operations of the workplace.

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Title Bartender
Categories Bartender
Salary TBD
Start Date 2016-12-01
Location Las Cruces, NM
Job Information

Bartender Job Profile and Description

It is said that a well and organized bar is speaks volumes of The Bartender.

Duties and Responsibilities

Selling of alcoholic drinks to customers.
Serving customers.
Checking the customer’s identification to confirm that the customer is of drinking age.
Taking payments from the customers.
Keep the bar well stocked by maintaining the liquor, garnishes and glasses at the bar.
Refuse to serve customers that have had too much to drink.
Call taxi cabs for those that are inebriated.
Keeping records of tabs so in the end they can know how much a customer has had and what is to be paid.
Pour drinks quickly and as per the customer’s specifications.
Keep the bar clean.
The Bartender;

– Should be able to mix all the different drinks correctly,

– Should be very warm and friendly to encourage the customer to drink more

-Should be able to multitask and handle all the equipment especially in a bar that uses modern technology.

Education and Qualifications

To hold a bartender job, education and qualifications required for acceptance are not necessary, because on-the job training is offered for new recruits. You are also required to have a bartender’s license and the state health certificate.

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Title General Manager
Categories Management
Salary TBD
Start Date 2016-12-01
Location Las Cruces, NM
Job Information

The General Manager position is a high profile job that requires a lot of dedication. General Managers service the operation of many jobs ranging from making schedules to mopping up any spills that occur within the club. A general manager is in charge or the management of an entire club’s operations and has to ensure smooth operations at all levels. The position requires the holder to ensure that a club earns profit from its operations but also provides unrivaled service to patrons. Since the job is about dealing directly with clients, the club manager should be an enterprising person and a good communicator. He/she works closely with club owners in order to develop successful operational and marketing strategies.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Supervising the activities of accountants, suppliers, bartenders and other players in the club to facilitate smooth running of the club.
Being creative in thought in order to bring new ideas without necessarily sacrificing attention to other details.
Establishing procedures and practices that facilitate an ample business environment.
Enforcing authority between club owners, clients and staff to facilitate smooth operations.
Conducting market research, financial analysis and setting best strategies to target high market seasons.
Checking with clients to assess the nature of services offered at the club.
Skills and Specifications

Club manager job skills and specifications include the following:

Excellent communication skills.
Ability to work under pressure.
Education and Qualifications

College degree in human resource management or related course preferred but not required.

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